Ethocyn Vial Pedestal


Ethocyn Vial Pedestal

A one time purchase to optimize your Ethocyn Serum vial experience.

The Ethocyn Vial Pedestal is a simple and elegant way to get the most out of your Ethocyn Serum vials. As seen in the image above, the Pedestal will hold your Ethocyn vial upside down and in place, positioning the silky serum within the container towards the vial's spout for quick access. The Pedestal will also ensure that you receive every last drop from your Serum's container. Simply replace the Ethocyn Serum vial into the pedestal after each use, and enjoy this practical and efficient display for your home and/or office.

USE: With scissors, cut the end off your chosen Ethocyn Serum vial (note: for the Ethocyn Multivitamin Eye Serum, cut the vial neck down at the lowest notch, as the Eye Serum is creamier than the other products). Place the vial's neck into Pedestal's center hole and press down firmly. Remove and replace after each twice daily use.

NB: *Ethocyn vial not included.